One Bite

This installation of the Gutsy Series features  "one bite" movement studies by choreographers gathering from across the country. 

These small ‘bites’ of dance were accompanied by one-bite hors d’ouvres and other tasting elements prepared by two amazing chefs from Napa Valley, Gina Hudson and Ted Hullinger. The hors d'ouvres were meant to invoke the senses in surprising ways (think blue cheese cheesecake), an experience guests were encouraged to carry over into their viewing experiences.


Choreography and Performance by

Abigail Hosein’s Ahdanco
Laura Bodt
Adanna Kai Jones and Melissa Templeton
Amy Kingwill
Cynthia Ling Lee
Hannah Schwadron
Melissa Hudson Bell

Menu by Gina Hudson

blue cheese cheesecake bite
deconstructed caprese
gazpacho gelee
pop rock raspberry

March 12, 2016